Mechanical pipe fitting for indoor piping

Special feature:
Structure of this fitting is that a nut is caught in an expanded
part of stainless pipe.
We can easily expand pipes using an exclusive expansion machine
and easily join pipes using a pipe wrench.

Water supply, hot water supply, cool and warm water supply,
chilled water supply

Special featureF
By an adopion of lost wax production
process(precision casting process) and heat
treatment, strict correctness in measure,
uniformity in inner structure and smoothness
of surface are always kept to maintain a
stable quality.
Material is excellent anti-corrosion stainless
steel and is assured of the quality based
on JIS standard.

Piping for pulp, petrochemistry, chemical
industry machine, anti-pollution utensil,
electric power, textile, food, medicine,
shipbuilding, vehicle, house, water treatment,
water supply, sewerage, semiconductor, etc.


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